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Astrology class

obtain a life time knowledge

Learning astrology offers a lifetime of knowledge to navigate your life, understand your loved ones, clients, and friends, and gain deeper insight into yourself and others. It's highly recommended for anyone seeking to enrich their personal and professional relationships.

basic astrology  @ Byron Bay

6 x Mon,

19 August - 23 September

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Byron Bay, NSW


This course is designed for those who are ready to begin an exploration into the world of astrology. For those who are interested in unlocking their full potential and best life! In this introductory astrology course you will learn how to read a natal chart, yours and others. The natal chart is a map of your life, a blueprint of your souls journey. You begin to know all the characters living inside of you, so you can start to intentionally use them and give them energy.

Learn about the Zodiac - what energies you embody
Learn about the planets - how the energies affect you
Learn the astrological houses - where these energies are used

Being in a group is a wonderful way to learn and another way of understanding yourself…

We keep our class sizes small so that you get a better experience. Avoid disappointment, enrol early!  


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