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Astrologer & Shamanic Healing Practitioner,  Yuko Medcraft

Yuko Medcraft is an accomplished astrologer who has used astrology to bring about significant changes in her life and in the lives of many others since 2009. With over 3000 professional astrological consultations, she skilfully guides and inspires individuals worldwide, including CEOs, governors, and high-profile figures, helping them find greater fulfilment and purpose with strong intuitive abilities.


Her journey into shamanic healing began when she realized, through her work in astrology, that many people needed deeper healing beyond diagnosis. This understanding prompted her to immerse herself in shamanic healing as a profound method to address the soul’s needs.


Since 2019, Yuko has been studying under Kevin Turner's expert guidance at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She sees astrology as a diagnostic tool for the soul, complemented by shamanic healing as a transformative surgery for the soul. Passionate about sharing her knowledge, Yuko is dedicated to helping others transform their lives and discover their true potential.



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