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knowing your blueprint
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 Astrology consultation

Transformative astrology readings are both inspirational and intuitive, yet grounded in your personal blueprint—the natal chart created from your birthdate, time, and place. For personal readings, I prefer to create your chart at the beginning of our session rather than beforehand. I focus on understanding influences and can provide examples of potential outcomes, without predicting specific events, if requested.


astrology reading Byron Bay shamanic healing

Focus on unlocking your life's potential right where you are now, 

encompassing wealth, family, life purpose, health, karma, and relationships. 


Discover how to unleash your true potential, find inner strength, define your best role in life, and pinpoint your purpose through our guidance.



What You Can get from Astrology Consultation


1. Current Situation:

 Gain insights into your current life circumstances and the energies surrounding you.


2. Guidance for the Future:

 Discover what guidelines or strategies to follow for a successful path forward.


3. Understanding Your Characteristics and Potential:

 Learn about your own unique traits and untapped potentials.


4. Turning Points and Luck:

 Explore significant life transitions and the influence of astrological factors on your luck and opportunities.


5. Compatibility and Understanding:

Gain insights into compatibility with others, including family members and significant others, and deepen your understanding of your relationships.


6. Life Purpose from a Spiritual Perspective:

 Explore the purpose of your life from a soulful or spiritual perspective, delving into deeper questions about your journey.   .... and so on

​*Please prepare your birthdate, birth time (up to the minute is preferable),and birthplace (city) at the session. 

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