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Shamanic healing session

Solve problems that science cannot yet explain.

Service Description

Transform your mind, body, and spirit with a shamanic healing session. Spiritual techniques aim to address and heal various aspects of your being - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Through rituals, journeying, and connecting with spiritual guides, practitioner identifies and resolves energetic imbalances, removes spiritual blockages, and restores harmony within you. Experience the power of this ancient practice as it promotes healing and well-being. This session encompasses a variety of shamanic healing practices, some including ; (depends on the persons cases) - Soul retrieval: Recover fragmented aspects of the self. - Extraction: Remove unwanted energies. - Divination: Seek spiritual guidance. - Power animal retrieval: Connect with supportive allies. - Healing energy transmission: Promote holistic well-being. I recommend shamanic healing for those: - Unsure of their illness or condition - Struggling with motivation - Feeling disconnected from their true selves for a long time - Seeking to reconnect with their authentic selves - Dealing with shock or trauma - Whose lives have been profoundly changed by specific events

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Lennox Head NSW, Australia

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