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Knowing yourself is creating an amazing future!


Invest: 360AUD$


This course is designed for those who are ready to begin an exploration into the world of astrology.

For those who are interested in unlocking their full potential and best life!


In this introductory astrology course you will learn how to read a natal chart, yours and others.

The natal chart is a map of your life, a blueprint of your souls journey.

You begin to know all the characters living inside of you, so you can start to intentionally use them and give them energy.

LEARN ABOUT THE ZODIAC - what energies you embody

LEARN ABOUT THE PLANETS - how the energies affect you

LEARN THE ASTROLOGICAL HOUSES - where these energies are used


Being in a group is a wonderful way to learn and another way of understanding yourself…

BRING: special blank notebook to make it into your astrological book, your favourite pen and pencils so you enjoy writing


Upon booking your space, please provide your;

• birthdate

• time (up-to-the-minute)

• place of birth

NB Sessions will be recorded via Zoom to be shred with participants.

Yuko Medcraft:


Yuko is an inspiring and intuitive Astrologer. Born and raised in Japan, Yuko is living as much as possible in alignment with her own birth chart, and has been utterly transformed since her first encounter with astrology in 2007.

Astrology once helped Yuko during one of the hardest periods of her life, and this is what inspires her to use it as a powerful tool to guide and inspire others to greater fulfilment and purpose.

Since 2009 Yuko has given over 1000 professional astrological consultations, in Japan and internationally, teaching over 30 astrology courses and workshops.




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