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Personal Astrology consultation with Yuko


by Online (Zoom/Skype) or in person

(Byron Bay, Australia area)

Session fee (2023)


$150/30 min (online only)


-Astrology consultation for business

Session fee $800/hr

-Astrology consultation for couples

Session fee $400/1.5hr

Contact by contact form

or SMS+61403133870


Please prepare your birthdate, birth time (up to the minute is preferable),and birthplace (city) at the session. 


What You Can get from Astrology Consultation


1. **Current Situation:** Gain insights into your current life circumstances and the energies surrounding you.


2. **Guidance for the Future:** Discover what guidelines or strategies to follow for a successful path forward.


3. **Understanding Your Characteristics and Potential:** Learn about your own unique traits and untapped potentials.


4. **Turning Points and Luck:** Explore significant life transitions and the influence of astrological factors on your luck and opportunities.


5. **Compatibility and Understanding:** Gain insights into compatibility with others, including family members and significant others, and deepen your understanding of your relationships.


6. **Life Purpose from a Spiritual Perspective:** Explore the purpose of your life from a soulful or spiritual perspective, delving into deeper questions about your journey.   .... and so on

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