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I first met Western Astrology in 2007. 


I was running my own small business, a second-hand foreign bookshop, in Kyoto, Japan, when a customer from Australia asked me for my birthdate, time and place, saying he’d come back and give me a reading.


One year later, he appeared again. 


“You wanna know what’s going on with your life don’t you?” 


Oh my God how right he was. I was experiencing the biggest crisis of my life to date [Saturn Return Transit square to my Natal Moon, Transit Chiron square to my Natal Chiron].


I had invested all my money into a business that didn’t make any, and the best friend I started it with had pulled out. I was completely without direction or inspiration. Tired and trapped, I was fast losing confidence in myself and life.


So… we did the reading, and I was blown away. 


This bloke from Australia was able to explain why I was feeling so stuck, and, best of all, show me that eventually this lesson would end, and I’d find a way out of the hole I was in, grateful for the challenge.


That was just so huge for me. I was fascinated.


“How the hell could this chart interpret my life so precisely?!” 


I got an astrology book in Japanese and my chart, but whenever I tried to study them I got completely overwhelmed. I clearly remember thinking, “I don’t think I can do even this. Maybe I’m just useless. I can’t manage to remember any of this information… not even about myself!”.


Disappointed and disheartened I abandoned the chart to gather dust on my desk. 


3 months later, I came home one night and the chart caught my eye. 


“Hey wait, I can read it! I don’t know all the sign’s meanings but I get the system!” 


Something inside me suddenly opened up. [Transit Jupiter conjunct with Natal Neptune). 


I started studying astrology every day, reading all I could in the desire to understand myself, which of course led me to wonder about others.


I started reading friend’s charts informally, always learning more about myself and my own chart as I did so. I loved it!


I wondered if I could do it professionally, but since my own life lessons had been so intense, I was very cautious about embarking on a new career.


The idea came to do 300 readings first, and then decide.


In 2008 I started working casually as a Yoga Translator/Interpreter, where I met beautiful yoga teacher Louisa Sear and the Yoga Arts team. Inspired to a more regular practice of Yoga & meditation, I started learning about my inner world, while exploring some of the most beautiful places in the outer world, as I translated for Yoga Arts on Yoga retreats and trainings in Bali, Sri Lanka, and Byron Bay, Australia. 


I often offered free astrology readings to people who were interested, and found I could use the chart as a powerful tool for self inquiry.


Just like Yoga, Astrology starts to reveal who and what we really are, as false beliefs fall away. Using the chart as a blue print for our life, we start to remember why we are here!


The more charts I read, I started to see a pattern. Those people living life in accordance with their chart - following a career or path in keeping with their talents, & acting wisely upon life’s lessons, seemed much more often satisfied and fulfilled. 


The more charts I read this became certain and obvious.


After 300 readings I asked myself, “What if I chose to live fully as this chart indicates?”. Is that the secret to happiness and fulfilment?


I decided to use myself as the guinea pig to try and find out.


Starting from my next birthday, in 2009, I began a new venture giving one-to-one astrology readings, to let my Natal Sun shine [Sun scorpio in 7th house]. I also started teaching Astrology courses from my bookshop in the evenings. 


Bookshop sales, as well as revenue from the Astrology and English courses that I ran there increased by 5 times! I paid off all my debts!!


I moved from my shared flat (uni student style!) to a beautiful, light-filled apartment on my own in Kyoto. The rent was significantly higher but as I opened to a new level of abundance in my own life I easily made enough money to cover it.


I hired a full-time manager for my shop, and started traveling regularly in Japan to teach astrology courses and give readings.


Soon I was spending half of the year overseas, between Bali, Hawaii & Australia, running astrology retreats, and translating, practising and giving readings on Yoga retreats and trainings. 


Two years later,  I met my husband Adrian.


We now live in the beautiful coastal town of Lennox Head, in New South Wales, Australia, and have 2 gorgeous boys. 

But as Pluto recently entered the Career house in my chart [10th house], the time has come to return to my passion for sharing Astrology.

Astrology is my passion, but also I love Yoga, meditation, surfing, and art.  Its all interconnected with my philosophy of astrology. 


I would love to share this insight with others. 

To book a session with Yuko please click here


“Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events. Astrology has been dated to at least the 2nd millennium BCE, and has its roots in calendrical systems used to predict seasonal shifts and to interpret celestial cycles as signs of divine communications” - Wikipedia




What You Can get  from Astrology Consulting:


**Current Situation:**

Gain insights into your current life circumstances and the energies surrounding you.


 **Guidance for the Future:**

Discover what guidelines or strategies to follow for a successful path forward.


**Understanding Your Characteristics and Potential:**

Learn about your own unique traits and untapped potentials.


**Turning Points and Luck:**

Explore significant life transitions and the influence of astrological factors on your luck and opportunities.


**Compatibility and Understanding:**

Gain insights into compatibility with others, including family members and significant others, and deepen your understanding of your relationships.


**Life Purpose from a Spiritual Perspective:**

Explore the purpose of your life from a soulful or spiritual perspective, delving into deeper questions about your journey.

My astrology reading is inspirational and intuitive. 

For personal readings I prefer to make your chart at the beginning of our session, not before. 

I prefer not to predict events, but can give examples of possible outcomes of certain influences, if desired. To book a session with Yuko please click here

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