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"Whenever I see Yuko giving a reading I just know it’s what she’s meant to be doing. I especially love that she walks her own talk with total commitment. Since meeting her in 2008 I’ve watched her walk bravely and purposefully in the direction of her dreams, using her chart as guide. She absolutely puts the theory to practice in her own life, which is the sign of a master in any field. I highly recommend her readings.”  

- Lucy Roberts, Yoga Teacher



Thank you so much Yuko for my detailed reading. Not only did I receive insights into past events but it has also given me a blueprint of what to expect in the coming months. The charts you provided are very informative. I can highly recommend Yuko as a talented reader of astrological charts.  - Sam, Yoga Teacher


I had my chart read by beautiful yuko after meeting her in a yoga retreat in bali. Yuko was so warm and gently passionate i couldn't resist a reading. Tears welled as she read my past...almost an acknowledgement that things are the way they are. I really loved hearing aboard the various aspects of my chart- moon sign, rising sign etc. So fascinating! we are all little features thrown together. Thanks Yuko, lovely woman. - Jess (taurus moon, pisces sun, gemini rising)



Going trough a difficult time, yuko's insightful reading helped me to realise what is important and real in my life. - Jarka

So blessed to have Yuko as my star guide for the last 7+years. Guiding with gentleness, wisdom, humour and clarity Yuko makes it easier to feel life is as it should be.  Even in the chaos that has reigned in the last year for me, Yuko has been a light giving reason and purpose to the chaos with her insights and experience with the astrology chart." A thousand thanks xoxo

- Danielle

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