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The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.


- Galileo Galilei


An Astrology consultation is a very useful tool, helping us to understand the blueprint of our life. And while no chart can determine the exact unfolding of life events, it can most definitely point to the emotional experiences we can expect at different times, and how best to work with them.


Just as the Sun and Moon have a huge impact on our lives, so too all the other planets and their energies are working through us and the earth, affecting us both individually and as a collective. Astrologers are well known for predicting major economic crises, stock market movements, and sudden new trends. It’s no secret that behind many a famous face or successful billionaire, is a very good Astrologer!


Before embarking on a new project or change of life, it is really useful to have an idea of what is happening for us astrologically. That way we make best use of the inevitable planetary influences, knowing when to pause and when to persist. Astrology makes our lives much easier as we get a better sense for the timing of things, and a greater appreciation for the lessons that lie within our biggest challenges and setbacks.

ABOUT an astrologer

life changing astrology consultation and shamanic healing

Yuko Medcraft is an inspiring and intuitive Astrologer. Born and raised in Japan, she now lives in the beautiful coastal town of Lennox Head, Australia, with her husband and two young boys. 


Living as much as possible in alignment with her own birth chart, Yuko’s life has been utterly transformed since her first encounter with astrology in 2007.


Just as Astrology once helped her out of one of the hardest periods of her life, she loves to use it as a powerful tool to guide and inspire others to greater fulfillment and purpose.

Since 2009 Yuko has given over 3000 professional astrological consultations, in Japan and internationally. 

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New south wales, Australia

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