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Ultimate Soul Realignment session

includes Shamanic healing, astrology consultation and powerful self healing session

Service Description

Ultimate Soul Realignment session is when you commit to transform your condition, this healing starts. Diagnose your soul and life with astrology, and perform a soul surgery through shamanic healing. This process helps you understand what is truly happening on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. It empowers you to trust yourself and allow miraculous healing to take place. This session encompasses shamanic healing practices, astrology consultation and self focusing session. in Shamanic Healing, some including ; soul retrieval, energy extraction, divination, power animal retrieval, total cure session. I highly recommend the Ultimate Soul Realignment Session for those who are: - Struggling with unidentified illnesses - Experiencing long-term symptoms and seeking resolution - Feeling unmotivated or lethargic - Experiencing a loss of connection to their soul - Dealing with unresolved physical and mental issues - Facing spiritual trauma or weakness - Feeling disconnected from their true selves for a long time and wanting to reconnect - Recovering from shock or trauma - Having lives significantly impacted by specific events - Overcoming irrational fears or phobias

Contact Details


Lennox Head NSW, Australia

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